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April 13th
, 2005

Welcome back to the page everyone. I have gone ahead and made the increased size of interviews and ‘underground’ bands a permanent move due to the overwhelming response to and for these sections. This time around we, (you and I) get to see what The Juliet Dagger, Mankind Is Obsolete and Quiver of Jasper have to say. Plus, we also get to check out some of my favorite bands in the Blast from the Past and Double Dose sections. Remember to get updated when the new page gets posted be sure to see that section on the right. If you want to send in a review of your own feel free to do so at anytime. If you have any questions, comments or complaints feel free to e-mail me at anytime.  or

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This time around we will be doing reviews for c.d.’s from:

1. Beck
2. Eisley
3. Modern Day Zero
4. Kathleen Edwards
5. Prong
6. Fastway
7. Jah Root
8. Monet, Madrid, Madagascar
9. Chaos Order

Interviews with:
The Juliet Dagger, Mankind is Obsolete and Quiver of Jasper.


2005 Geffen Records

Grade: B+

Guero is Beck’s follow up to 2002’s widely successful Sea Change. Unfortunately, it isn’t as good as Beck recordings from the past. I will wholeheartedly give him respect for experimenting and trying new things in his music and song writing styles; I just don’t think he really hit the mark with this effort. While the first single “E-Pro” is a really good and catchy song, the record really lacks in genius after the first track completes. A couple other songs worth mentioning include, “Que Onda Guero” and “Go it Alone.”

There is a variety of musical styles on this recording; a dash of older folk/country mixed in with some Latin music and a twist of the electronic side of Beck that most of us have become used to.

Longtime fans probably won’t be disappointed in Guero. If you are just now discovering him I would highly recommend Mellow Gold or Odelay first, but it’s your money.

Room Noises

2005 Warner/Reprise

Grade: B

Alternative Pop fans have a new group to embrace in the band Eisley. After putting out two short recordings (EP)’s in 2003, Room Noises is the full-length debut from this band of siblings (and one friend) on Warner Brothers Records. The songs are light on the ears and have been well written, including good melodies and lyrics.

The first single “Telescope Eyes” has gotten the band constant airplay on both radio and TV and they have even been dubbed by viewers of Fuse TV as one of the next big things. (Fuse TV and Tower Records presents, The Next Big Thing on Fuse). Check out the songs, “Lost at Sea,” “Memories” and “Plenty of Paper”.

 I truly expect this band to gain some momentum over the next few years as they have already done some opening slots for bands like Coldplay and New Found Glory.

If you are a fan of groups like Sixpence Non The Richer, The Pixies, The Cardigans or 10,000 Maniacs check out Eisley I’m sure you will enjoy.

Modern Day Zero
Coming up for Air (Parental Advisory)

2005 Bullet 339 Records

Grade: A 

Up from the ashes of the bands Mesh and Mesh StL has risen Modern Day Zero; a powerhouse of rock riffs and really good songs. The band owns the rights to Bullet 339 Records and has gone thru great lengths to get themselves seen and heard around the world. One of the most impressive things about them ‘owning’ themselves is that when you hear this disc you know that these are songs that they like and want to record. I must say they have a great taste in their own music every song on this release is great.

I have heard people tell me that they sound like Stone Temple Pilots or The Exies, but to me they sound like Modern Day Zero or MDZ to fans.

Their leadoff single “Sick Inside” is a killer up tempo song with a catchy sing along chorus and other songs that grab your ears are, “Broken,” “Clear Day” and “Smother Me.” You may also recognize the song “ Down” off of the video games NASCAR Thunder 2004 and NHL 2004 (EA Sports).

The bottom line is that if you like music with a little edge to it that isn’t today’s heavy metal, but more along the lines of good rock then you should come up for air and check out Modern Day Zero.

Note: Check back in the next issue for an interview with MDZ!

Kathleen Edwards
Back to Me
2005 Rounder Records

Grade: B+

Kathleen Edwards has been gaining momentum since her 2003 release Failure.  She has found herself picking up even more steam with the release of Back to Me. The title track is just one of many songs worth listening to and that could get tons of airplay all over the world. “Good Things,” “Copied Keys” and “Away” are all notable songs that could end up getting pretty high on the charts if they became singles.

While you will find this disc in the country section it does have more to offer along the lines of music variety. Edwards has a great mix of folk, country and rock n roll on this recording. I truly expect her to become one of country music’s next cross over favorites and see plenty of commercial success in other genres of music.

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The Double Dose

1994 Sony

Grade: A

Cleansing was released in 1994 and became Prong’s most successful release to date. The band was best known for an all out metal guitar assault on previous recordings, but Cleansing saw the band take a big step into other directions while still keeping the guitar riffs the main focus of the songs. “Cut-Rate” is the only song on this disc that’s reminiscent to ‘older’ Prong. The single “Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck,” is probably still the bands best known song and showed the progression of this New York trio from an outright thrash metal band to a band that could sling out some killer (and heavy) grooves as well. Songs like “Test,” “Home Rule” and “Broken Peace” can be heard as a major influence to bands like Korn, Helmet, White Zombie and a countless list of others. Fans of any of the bands listed above or even bands like Slipknot, Nine Inch Nails or Mudvayne should take the chance to get gouged by Prong. Be sure to check out other recordings from the band like Rude Awakening, Primitive Origins and my personal favorite Beg to Differ. 

Scorpio Rising

2004 Locomotive

Grade: A-

Scorpio Rising is the rebirth of Prong. Tommy Victor (guitar/vocals) the only original member has brought the band back from the grave to deliver another blow to the guitar metal world. This release shows an older more matured Prong, but still contains the bands’ trademark, Victor’s riffs. Songs like, “Regal,” “Attached,” and “Embrace the Depth” are really good and keep you interested to hear what will be coming up next.

While this c.d. isn’t the best work that Prong has ever done it is really good for a band that had disappeared for almost eight years. If you have ever been a fan of Prong or any other guitar driven music be sure to check out Scorpio Rising.

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Blast From The Past

We quick journey back into the past and get a listen to Fastway.

Fastway  1983 Formatted for CD in 1989

Sony Records

Grade: A

If you have ever heard of this band then you know it was a ‘super group’ of sorts being started by ex-Motorhead guitarist “Fast” Eddie Clark, ex-UFO bassist Pete Way, ex-Humble Pie drummer Jerry Shirley and singer Dave King. If you have ever seen the movie Trick or Treat or heard the soundtrack to it then you have heard Fastway. If you haven’t heard of the movie or this band until now then I have a treat for you.

“Easy Livin’”, “Another Day”, “Heft!” and “Far, Far From Home” are all amazing songs. This release doesn’t have a bad spot on it at all. It is a shame that the group didn’t stick around or catch any major type of fame in the 80’s metal movement because they had the riffs, the songs and the talent to do so. If you like bands like Led Zeppelin, Motley Crue, Ratt or The Darkness get a hold of any and all Fastway recordings as soon as possible.

The band didn’t last long, but put out another good album after this one called All Fired Up along with the soundtrack to Trick or Treat. You can also get the first two albums digitally remastered on one disc.

All of the above c.d.’s can be bought new or used by going to, your local music sellers or at their respective webpages.

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The Underground Spotlight

To be considered for The Underground Spotlight send me an e-mail with contact information to or

Jah Root
More Herbs for the Youth

2005 Unsigned

Grade: A-

Yes, the name says it all. Jah Root is a reggae group that brings a positive message and really good jams to the table. More Herbs for the Youth is a 17-track disc that keeps the music flowing and your body moving. The group mixes newer and older styles of reggae music very nicely in this recording. Tracks like “Give Praze,” “Pleaze,” “Wanna be Alone” and “Come Wit Me” are all stand out songs. I myself haven’t been into reggae music a lot over the past few years, but from what I have heard and stumble across in that time I will say that Jah Root is a really really good band.

If you like Bob Marley, Sublime, Peter Tosh or any other ska / reggae type of stuff this is worth a listen. You can get a FREE copy of the disc by contacting the band at their web site or by emailing me and I will forward your request to them.

Monet Madrid Madagascar
monetmadridmadagascarMonet Madrid Madagascar 3-song Demo
2004 Unsigned

Grade: A

Monet Madrid Madagascar is a rock band from Ohio that has been logging the miles lately doing tours around America. I have heard from more than a few people that have seen them live that they are a highly energetic group to see in concert. I have no doubt after hearing this 3-song demo that they released in 2004.

The group shows a varied style in their music, which reminds me of bands like Fugazi, Bad Religion and many other hard rocking bands.

You can download all three songs for free at the PureVolume site and be sure to check the MySpace page to get info on when and where they are playing next. Be sure to look them up, they are worth the listen.

Chaos Order
Chaos Order 3-song Demo
2005 Unsigned

Grade: A-

Brutal, this set of three songs will grab you by the ears and pummel you. Chaos Order should put a little sticker on this demo that says not for the squeamish. The singer reminds me a lot of Phil from Pantera, and Super Joint Ritual, I’m not saying that is a bad thing. He sure sounds better than someone churning out vocals reminiscent of Boy George or Lenny Kravitz over this style of music.

The bad news is that there are just three songs, but the good news is that the band will be recording a full-length c.d. this year and I expect it to be blistering. If you like the bands Pantera, Slayer, Sepultura or anything that is of that nature check out Chaos Order. I’m not sure if this demo is available for anything other than promotion and such, but contact the band for more information and be sure to tell them that I sent you.

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7 Questions With...

The Juliet Dagger

Q. Who are you and what do you do in the band?
A. Erin - sing & play guitar/song writer
Q. How did you come up with the name the Juliet Dagger?
A. I've been obsessed with Romeo & Juliet since I was about 12 years old...and I just thought it was a cool references - kind of dark & creepy & girlie all at the same time.
Q. Read any good books lately? Title/author?
A. I wish I had the time - for this tour I think I'm going to try to finish what I started on the last tour - "I Know This Much Is True" by Wally Lamb...Leisha (bass player) gave it to me last time we were on the road.
Q. Who are some of your influences musically? Non-musically?
A. Musically...for me: Juliana Hatfield, Weezer, Down By Law, Descendents, Samiam - for Leisha: The Cure, Ani Difranco, Cursive - for Josh: The Ramones, The Clash
Non-musically for me: my mom
Q. If you could be anyone in world history who would you be? Why?
A. Joan of Arc - who wouldn't want to talk to God - man I've got quite a few questions I'd like answered :)
Q. What can we look forward to at The Juliet Dagger's live show?
A. Hmmm... well I throw myself around a bit & make bad jokes between songs & Josh strips down to his underwear & spits straight up in the air, & Leisha stares people down...other than that, a sweet set of catchy tunes!
Q. What are you listening to in your home/car stereo?
A. I just got Tegan & Sara (So Jealous) & I can't stop listening to it - soooooooooo good.

Mankind Is Obsolete

Q. Who are you and what do you do in the band?
A. I am Jon Siren, and I am the drummer/co-songwriter.
Q. How did you come up with the name Mankind is Obsolete?
A. The name originally came out from feeling completely apathetic towards humans in general. I felt as if not only the people around me, but people around the world were always being completely negative and selfish at the expense of others. I really find the name to be a challenge to not be that way for myself personally and for others around me as well.
Q. Are there any plans for a tour or any upcoming live performances?
A. Yes, we plan on touring for two weeks this summer in July. Some possible other tours are in the works as well. We are also doing a series of weekend excursions where we will be playing around Southern California, Arizona, and Nevada.

Q. Read any good books lately?

A. Yes I have, a book called "On The Record." This book has a series of interviews with the same questions to different musicians, producers, etc. It is a very inspiring book to listen to some of my favorite musicians stories.
Q. What are some of your influences musically? Non-musical?
A. I am influenced musically by so many different musicians and styles. A few that come to mind are Nine Inch Nails, Neurosis, Godflesh, WASP, Portishead, Skinny Puppy, Switchblade Symphony, Depeche Mode, and The Beatles. I like a lot of different bands for different reasons. I am really influenced by my life growing up when it comes to songwriting. I go back to the way I felt as a kid and how the right music was the only thing I could truly connect with. I really want to pass that on now because I know there are others out there who feel this way.
Q. If you could be anyone in world history who would you be? Why?
A. Well, that is a tough one. I would really be one of my musical heroes, because they changed my world at least. Maybe I would be Trent Reznor, because on a musical/lyrical/vibe level, I feel like I really relate with what he does and how he does it.
Q. What are you listening to in your home/car stereo?
A. Currently, I have really been digging the Dismantled cd "Postnuclear." I have been listening to a lot of Slowdive, Miranda Sex Garden, and Eminem.

Note: To read the review of the Mankind Is Obsolete c.d. called Metamorph check out Issue 8.

Quiver of Jasper

Q. Who are you and what do you do in the band?
A. Jack Justice. I play guitar, sing the songs, pour drinks, and
Grill the occasional chicken sometimes. I write the lyrics and guitar parts.
PM Ramey. Drums, percussion, and hissy fits

Q. How did you come up with the name, Quiver of Jasper?
A. (Jack) I remember liking the way those two words sounded together, so it stuck. I had been in a band called Buzzard Skyline and the impact of the phonetics was so different. I was sitting on a black leather couch back in college in the summer of '94 when it hit me.

Q. Are there any plans for a tour or any live shows coming up?
A. (Jack) There will be shows in Lexington KY and perhaps Cincinnati throughout the summer. It you have electricity we will play there.
Shows pop up randomly, so check in on our website.

Q. Have you read any good books lately?
A. (Jack) I recently read Eric Burdon's autobiography. I am into a collection of Robert Creely's short stories right now. Good stuff.

Q. Who are some of your influences both musically and non-musical?
A. (Jack) Psychedelic rock like Moby Grape and 70’s stuff like Richard
Hell and the Voidoids. These days Wilco and Neil Michael Hagerty are cool.
Can't forget the Replacements and Rolling Stones. I suppose they made me want to write and play big nasty style. Most anything influences me non-musically.
(PMR) Favorite drummers include Max Roach and Ringo Starr. Favorite musicians are Miles Davis, The Beatles, and Frank Zappa. Non-musical influences are mainly friends and family.

Q. If you could be anyone in world history who would you be? Why?
A. (PMR) If I was somebody else, would I end up being them or would they end up being me?
(Jack) Picasso or Harry Reems. They seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Q. What are you listening to in you car/home stereo?
A. (Jack) I have Roland Kirk on the turntable and have been going back and forth between NRBQ "at Yankee Stadium" and The Kinks "Kinkdom" in the car.
(Nick) roAE
(PMR) Miles Davis "Seven Steps" (box highlights disc), Mothers of
Invention "Weasels Ripped My Flesh", Jeff Beck "Wired", Emmylou Harris "Anthology", Beatles "Rubber Soul" (US Mono version), Wilco "A Ghost Is Born", Sly and the Family Stone "Fresh", Cat Power "You Are Free", Millennium "Begin".


You can hear four live songs from Quiver of Jasper at their webpage. 
Note: To read the review for the Quiver of Jasper c.d. called Surly check out Issue 6

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Reader Reviews

Jack, K. Memphis, TN

Hey, I like how you have been adding bands that aren’t on record labels. Everybody has got to start somewhere and I think it is really cool that you give them some attention on this website.

Jack, Thanks a lot! I feel that a ton of great bands never get to see the light of day, because they don’t get on a big record label or get much publicity. I am really fortunate to have the chance to try and help get the word out.

Sierra M. Normal, IL

I totally like that band Mankind is Obsolete! Thanks for putting them on this page. I never would have heard of them otherwise. Amazing singer and very cool music!

Sierra, I couldn’t agree more. Metamorph has to be one of the best c.d.’s I have ever heard by a band that isn’t on ANY record label at all. I hope you checked back and enjoyed the interview with Jon.

Isaac K. Norfolk, VA

Thanks for including a good mix of music in your writings. I dig how you include rock, alternative, metal and even country music. I like all kinds of music and this is the only music page or whatever I have found that has a cornucopia of styles on it by one writer. Keep it coming and I’ll keep reading!

Isaac, Thanks for the kind words! I am truly glad that you enjoy The Audio Nut, I myself like a vast assortment of music and I try to make it something good for readers and for myself as well.

Brock L. Mobile, AL

What’s up J Sohn? Hey I just wanna say I like the site and most of the music you include in it. Is there anyway I can get on a mailing list or newsletter thing or whatever so I can be notified when a new issue comes out?

Brock, Thanks for your interest. There is a section on the right hand side of the page that says UPDATE ME all you have to do is click on there and send me an email. I went ahead and added your email address to the list and you will be informed when the new issue gets posted.

Amanda G. Santa Ana, CA

That new Queens of the Stone Age cd is awesome. Anyone that likes them and hasn’t gotten it yet should get it NOW!! Did you know that some of the guys used to be in the band Kyuss? Also, QOTSA puts out recordings called The Desert Sessions, which feature all kinds of other musicians.

Amanda, Yes ma’am I do know about Kyuss, I grew up listening to them and I am also very aware of The Desert Sessions. I could be wrong, but I think they have put out 10 releases of them so far. Some songs that have made it on to QOTSA records have originally pen written and or recorded during these sessions.

If you have anything that you’d like to share with us feel free to send it to

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