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 TV Bites With Neena Louise

And the winner is...

by Neena Louise

The awards season is upon us once again and I'm already sick of it.

The twice-delayed Emmys made me wonder if anyone cared whether they ever aired or not. In fact, I found it vaguely disrespectful to be giving some fluffy awards show all that attention when there was so much strife in the world. The interviews of celebrities relating how scared they were about attending some stupid awards show truly disgusted me. It was poetic justice that the ratings for the Emmys were abysmal.

Other than the Oscars and (though it's a bit of a stretch) the Emmys and Grammys, if you're not in the business that's doling out the awards, no one cares! Sure, you get bragging rights, but just watch any episode of Dateline when they prattle off a list of obscure awards and crow about their success. My reaction is always: SO WHAT?!? (I wonder why no one's bragging about their BiteMe? Or Oskerbite?) Awards are becoming ridiculous as their scope gets smaller and smaller. Take television, for example. There's the Primetime Emmys, the Daytime Emmys, the Golden Globes, the George Foster Peabody Awards for Broadcasting, the Alfred I. duPont - Columbia University Awards in Television and Radio Journalism, the Annual Directors Guild of America Awards, many more. Once you add in the ethnic awards (Black Entertainment awards, Latino Entertainment awards, etc.) and the network/magazine awards (MTV, Billboard, TV Guide, etc.), you could have an awards ceremony every week. What's next? The I-Have-More-Awards-Than-You Awards? The Realer-Than-Real Reality TV Awards? An awards show for the awards shows? I'm just waiting for some cable or satellite company to offer "The Awards Channel". Actually, that would be a good idea. Then MY television wouldn't be pre-empted so much.

And could they not make awards shows, well, just a little interesting? The Oscars sometimes have a few interesting and/or unexpected tidbits, but no other awards shows are even mildly amusing. They're all the same: presenter steps up; makes bad joke; announces winner; winner cries and breathes "oooh, I never expected this. I'm soooo honored" (ick, poo!); winner prattles off a list of people no one's heard of or cares about; cue music; bad production number...then the whole thing starts over again. And again. For hours. It's more interesting to watch grass grow and paint dry.

I'm already weary of regular programming being pre-empted and the awards season has barely begun. I don't even know why people think it's so important to win an award anymore. Most entertainment awards these days are the result of campaigning and manipulation. Awards go to those that can grab the most attention from those that vote or glean the most publicity - it doesn't really matter if the performance/show/movie/whatever is good or not. There's nothing to be proud of, here. Get over yourselves. 
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