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 TV Bites With Neena Louise

People That I Wouldn't Care if I Never Saw on TV Again

(in no particular order)

by Neena Louise

Halle Berry
Considering she still won't admit to causing a terrible car accident, then fleeing the scene, she has absolutely no right to tout herself as a role-model. Her claims of "not remembering" the accident, yet "taking responsibility" for it are self-serving and ring totally false. Interesting that the only way she can save her career is by appearing naked and sobbing every chance she gets.

George Clooney
A truly rare occurrence - watching the development of a has-been.

Oprah Winfrey
If she gets any more holier-than-thou, she might as well just promote herself as a televangelist.

Tom Cruise
Yes, he's adorable, but he's way too intense and wrapped up with himself. And no one cares about Scientology, Tom, so just shut up about it, why don't you?

Liza Minelli
I don't understand the attention given to this weirdo has-been.

Barbara Walters
It seems the older she gets, the more of a drama queen she becomes.

Bryant Gumbel
Who cares what his future plans are? He's a pompous, smug, self-important ass who appears not to have the least shred of human warmth. I, for one, would not be sad to see him disappear from the airwaves for good.

Sharon Stone
Enough with the gory details of every boo-boo and major illness.

Fran Drescher

Richard Gere
I've never really understood Gere's appeal and the way he carries on about his spiritual beliefs, you'd think he was the only Buddhist in Hollywood.

Britney Spears
She's an adequate singer, great dancer and she's cute. But she's perilously close to killing her career with overexposure - no pun intended. Speaking of which: hey, Britney: The slut look is so last decade...Madonna anyone???

Angelina Jolie
I'm mighty weary of the media making such a to-do about the drop of blood she wears in a vial around her neck, her tattoos, her clothes, her brother, her husband, etc., etc. She's hardly the weirdest person in show-biz and I get the feeling that she'd actually rather be left alone, so leave her alone already!

Robert Blake
The next OJ? Oh, I don't think so - the guy is just too strange. And I'm plenty tired of hearing how strange.

Nicole Kidman
I'm so sick of seeing her ghost-like image swaggering around with overblown self-importance every time I turn on the TV.

Russell Crowe
His "angry-man-with-the-puppy-dog-eyes" act is really getting old. He should find a new routine.

Paula Zahn
Her giggly gosh-golly inanity makes a mockery of CNN's morning news coverage. Where did she get her credentials? The back of a matchbook?

Montel Williams
Condescending, judgemental and insensitive. All he does is preach at and mock his invited guests. Pairing Montel and Oprah would make a great show. I'd call it Duelling Divas.

All pregnant actresses
I don't know why people are so fascinated with pregnant actresses - maybe it's the gloating over their big bellies. Whatever.

Every Friend
The show sucks, they can't act and they have zero personality in "real life". Go 'way. Shoo.
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