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 Featured TV Show: Angel
A centuries-old vampire cursed with a conscience, Angel left the small California town of Sunnydale and the only woman he ever loved to take up residence in Los Angeles, the City of Angels. Between pervasive evil and countless temptations lurking beneath the city's glittery facade, L.A. has proven to be the ideal address for a fallen vampire looking to save a few lost souls and, in turn, perhaps redeem his own. Here we present the complete season 1 in its entirety, courtesy of
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Angel: Season 1
  Episode  (Click to watch) Length Original Airdate
22 To Shanshu in L.A. 44:02 05/23/2000
A scythe-wielding demon targets Angel's allies as Wolfram and Hart lawyers attempt to summon a powerful force from
21 Blind Date 44:00 05/16/2000
A renegade attorney from Wolfram and Hart joins forces with Angel in an attempt to stop a blind assassin from killing three children who threaten the
20 War Zone 41:40 05/09/2000
As Angel aids a nerdy billionaire out to retrieve compromising photos, he encounters a group of street kids defending their territory against
19 Sanctuary 43:12 05/02/2000
Angel attempts to reform Faith as Kate Lockley, Watcher Council members, and even Buffy Summers pursue
18 Five By Five 43:45 04/25/2000
Fed up with Angel meddling in their affairs, attorneys from Wolfram and Hart hire Faith to kill
17 Eternity 44:03 04/04/2000
A young television actress whose career is in a slump seeks to preserve her youthful appearance by becoming one of the
16 The Ring 42:45 02/29/2000
Owners of an underground arena enslave Angel and pit him against powerful demons in a fight to the
15 The Prodigal 40:55 02/22/2000
Angel seeks to solve a mystery involving Lockley's father and a normally peaceful demon who attacked a delivery
14 I've Got You Under My Skin 44:20 02/15/2000
Angel and Wesley perform an exorcism on a young boy possessed by a
13 She 44:29 02/08/2000
Angel finds himself caught in the middle of a war between the sexes when a female demon from another dimension fights against male
12 Expecting 43:02 01/25/2000
Angel and Wesley search for clues when Cordelia wakes up eight-and-a-half-months
11 Somnambulist 42:34 01/18/2000
Angel attempts to assist Kate with a murder investigation after discovering that a protégé from his past is responsible for a series of
10 Parting Gifts 42:58 12/14/1999
Wesley joins Angel and Cordelia as he pursues a demon who mutilates creatures possessing supernatural
9 Hero 43:24 11/30/1999
Doyle, Angel, and Cordelia assist a clan of mixed-heritage demons targeted for extermination by a group of stormtrooper demons known as the Scourge.
8 I Will Remember You 44:26 11/23/1999
Angel grapples with the dilemma of whether or not to renew his relationship with Buffy when exposure to demon blood causes him to become mortal once
7 The Bachelor Party 44:11 11/16/1999
Doyle receives a surprise visit from his wife, who wishes to terminate their marriage so that she may wed a
6 Sense & Sensitivity 42:34 11/08/1999
An imprisoned thug uses his connections to target Kate for
5 Room with a Vu 43:10 11/02/1999
Cordelia falls in love with a gorgeous rent-controlled apartment that turns out to be haunted by a ghost. A demon comes to collect on Doyle's
4 I Fall to Pieces 43:00 10/26/1999
Angel aids a woman being stalked by a deranged surgeon who is literally coming
3 In the Dark 42:30 10/19/1999
Spike and a colleague torture Angel in hopes of ascertaining the whereabouts of a ring that makes the wearer
2 Lonely Hearts 44:26 10/12/1999
Angel tracks a worm-like demon that preys on lonely hearts at a hip
1 City of Angels 44:29 10/05/1999
Angel relocates to Los Angeles, where he encounters a stranger who experiences visions of those in need and a down-and-out

Series Information:

Angel is an American television series, a spin-off of the television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The atmosphere of the show was darker, and at brief periods it performed better in the U.S. Nielsen Ratings than its parent series as Buffy declined, though Buffy's highest ratings records in season 2 and 3 still topped any of Angel's seasons ratings.

The series was created by Buffy's creator, Joss Whedon in collaboration with David Greenwalt, and first aired on October 5, 1999. Like Buffy, it was produced by Whedon's production company, Mutant Enemy.

The show details the ongoing trials of the vampire, Angel, who has his human soul restored to him by gypsies as a punishment for the murder of one of their own. After more than a century of murder and the torture of innocents, Angel's restored soul torments him with guilt and remorse. During the first four seasons of the show, he works as a private detective in a fictionalized version of Los Angeles, California, where he and a variety of associates work to "help the helpless" and to restore the faith and save the souls of those who have lost their way. Typically, this involves doing battle with evil demons or demonically-allied humans, primarily related to the law firm, Wolfram & Hart. He also has to battle his own demonic ghosts

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