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TV Notes

Featured online TV:

Most TV is now online, check out some of the latest offerings you can find online.  We will be highlighting some of the best of online TV in this space.

One of our favorites is Hulu. Hulu is an online video service that offers hit TV shows, movies and clips at Hulu.com and other online destination sites — anytime in the U.S

Hulu brings together a large selection of videos from nearly 190 leading content companies, including FOX, NBC Universal, ABC, Comedy Central, ABC Family, Biography, Lionsgate, Endemol, MGM, MTV Networks, National Geographic, Digital Rights Group, Paramount, PBS, Sony Pictures Television, Warner Bros. and more. Users can choose from more than 1,700 current primetime TV hits such as The Simpsons, 30 Rock, LOST, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Office the morning after they air; classics like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The A-Team, Airwolf and Married...with Children; movies like Last of the Mohicans and Basic Instinct; documentaries like Super Size Me, Crawford and The Times of Harvey Milk; and clips from Saturday Night Live; web originals like Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog and Dorm Life; and other popular TV shows and movies

The big channels still stream their content online. You can watch some of your favorite shows at your leisure.

Launch the ABC.com Full Episode Player
Launch Innertube to watch CBS episodes

Launch FOX on Demand
Launch NBC Video Player
Launch The CW Video Player
Launch Overdrive for MTV content

You can also watch live TV at several online services. The following sites offer streaming channels such as foodtv, ESPN, and more.

 EN Live Television powered by live-online-tv.com: Quick front page with listings of some of the most major channels available online.

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TV Bites Annuals

The best and the worst of the Academy Awards.

 1st Annual OskerBites (1999-2000)
 2nd Annual OskerBites (2000-2001)
 3rd Annual OskerBites (2001-2002)
 4th Annual OskerBites (2002-2003)
 5th Annual OskerBites (2003-2004)
 6th Annual OskerBites (2004-2005)
 7th Annual OskerBites (2005-2006)
 8th Annual Oskerbites (2006-2007)
 9th Annual Oskerbites (2007-2008)
10th Annual Oskerbites (2008-2009)
11th Annual Oskerbites (2009-2010)

The best and the worst of the tv season.

 First Annual TV BiteMes 1999-2000
 Second Annual TV BiteMes 2000-2001
 Third Annual TV BiteMes 2001-2002
 Fourth Annual TV BiteMes 2002-2003
 Fifth Annual TV BiteMes 2003-2004
 Sixth Annual TV BiteMes 2004-2005
 Seventh TV BiteMes 2005-2006
 Eighth Annual TV BiteMes 2006-2007
 Ninth Annual TV BiteMes 2007-2008
 Tenth Annual TV BiteMes 2008-2009 
 The 2009-2010 Eleventh Annual TV BiteMes

 (Not) The Holiday TV Listings
Annual spoof of holiday favorites.

2000 2001 2002
2003 2004 2005
2006 2007 2008

TV Bites

A completely different look at television from our own Neena Louise.


The 2009-2010 Eleventh Annual TV BiteMes

by Neena Louise

Neena is back with her look back at the TV year that was from her very own slightly warped, but always hilarious point of view.

Worst Actress
Stana Katic, "Kate Beckett", Castle (Katic continues to drag this show down in its second season. It's too bad, too, because otherwise Castle is a pretty good show.)

Best Actress

Jane Lynch, "Sue Sylvester", Glee (Lynch's spot-on delivery of some of the funniest lines in Glee repeatedly stole the show.)

Most Overrated Female

Jane Lynch, "Sue Sylvester", Glee (But, enough already....

NBC vs. CTV: Off the Podium

Strange Days on the Airwaves

Late Night TV Smackdown

Dance, Dance, Dance

  Complete TV Bites Archives  

Watch Online TV


Featured Online TV Episode

New Amsterdam: Pilot Episode

In 1642, John Amsterdam (Nikolaj Coster Waldau), then a Dutch soldier in the colony of New Amsterdam - later to become New York - stepped in front of a sword to save the life of a Native American girl during a massacre of her tribe. The girl in turn rescued Amsterdam, weaving an ancient spell that conferred immortality upon him. Amsterdam will not age until he finds his one true love. But Amsterdam has found this to be a mixed blessing. Over the course of three centuries, he has experienced endless adventure and honed his many talents. But everyone Amsterdam meets must leave him in time. Lovers and children die while he remains young. As the exhilaration of eternal life has given way to emotional isolation, Amsterdam discovers that the blessing has become a curse...watch Pilot Episode

Previous Featured Online TV Episodes

Cleopatra 2525: Quest for Firepower
Not all sci-fi has some great deeper meaning, some of it is just campy fun. They don't come any campier than Cleopatra 2525. Cleopatra 2525 aired for two seasons, starting January 2000 and ending March 2001. It appeared as the first part of the Back2Back Action Hour, followed by Jack of All Trades. Both series were notable as the first half-hour, live-action adventure series to be produced for American television since the 1970s...watch

Angel: Season 1
A centuries-old vampire cursed with a conscience, Angel left the small California town of Sunnydale and the only woman he ever loved to take up residence in Los Angeles, the City of Angels. Between pervasive evil and countless temptations lurking beneath the city's glittery facade, L.A. has proven to be the ideal address for a fallen vampire looking to save a few lost souls and, in turn, perhaps redeem his own...Watch the complete first season of Angel online.

Firefly: The Complete Series
The Crew of a starship travel through outer space after Earth's resources have diminished and forced us to look elsewhere in 2517. Captain Malcolm "Mal" Reynolds (Nathan Fillion) steers his bandit-crew through anything to keep them alive, and keep flying. Here we present the complete series in its entire feature length...Watch the complete Firefly series online.

Feature Stories

Featured Content in Television 

How To Get Cast on a Reality TV Show

There are 3 ways to be cast on a reality show:

  • Attend a cattle call;
  • Submit directly for consideration;
  • Know somebody who works on the show and get walked in.

#3 is terrific, but it’s not necessary (really!). What’s more important is knowing how to NOT get on a reality show. Let’s start with sending naked photos, videos of yourself in the restroom and a truly bizarre mix of other attempts to get cast. Your personality is enough. Maybe...more

Will a new law make your TV obsolete?

The United States government is requiring TV stations to cease broadcasting analog channels. April 7th, 2009 is the current date the FCC is requiring U.S. stations to broadcast using digital signals instead of existing analog signals. With a conversion date slightly over three years from now and little publicity on the topic, what is an American consumer to do?....more

Late night TV scares me.

Television News

The latest TV news from around the web


Complete TV Bites Archives

Go Green Yourself
I'm sick to death of it.
Top 10 TV Annoyances
 My top ten television annoyances
NBC vs. CBC -
The "Other" 2008 Summer Olympics
Hype of Epidemic Proportions
It seems everything is an epidemic
these days...
Seasonal Blues
Last season ended on a down note for Neena...more
Nothing Lost
I admit it. I was a Lost fan.
For all of one season...
To Be Continued
Unbelievably Unnecessary Gimmicks
The Winter Olympics: U.S. vs Canada
The weirdest Winter Olympics ever
It's Really Summer
The dearth of summer programming
Realer than Real
Adding soft porn to the reality glut.
Entertainment Businesses' Motto:
 "Bugger Off"
Mini-me TV
The new mini seasons
The Decline of TV Guide
What has happened to TV Guide?
Network Boardroom Speak
What the memos must look like
Destroying a Memory
The digital removal of the World Trade Center
Summer Reality
Watch if you dare!
Tsunami Sweeps Good Taste Out To Seas Breaking The Law...It's A Good Thing
Martha Stewart's Saga
The Swan
An Ugly Series
Fatty Fatty Two-by-Four
The Boob Tube
Where's The Show
The New Season Sucks
The Jiggle Factor
Spike TV
Where Were You When the Lights Went Out
The New Reality
With a corresponding loss in IQ Points
The New Reality
American Idolotry II
All War,  All The Time
Rip-off Artists?
Protecting Whose Interests?
90 Minutes Of Tedium
Whats The Point
Dating Shows
Mindless Drives
CSI: Miami
I See Dead Series..
Bah Humbug!
Too much Christmas Hype
Sensitivity, Or Censorship?
September 11th Thoughts
One Year Later
American Idolatry
Been Sucked In?
The New Season
Everything Old Is New Again.
Surreality TV
I wonder just how "real" reality television is.
Survey Says
Where do these surveys come from?
Tick Tick
Too Much Clutter
Rerun Wasteland
TV's Summer Rerun Wasteland
Odious People
People That I Wouldn't Care if I Never Saw on TV Again
Unlucky 13
13 first-run episodes 
per year?
And the winner is...
I'm already sick of the awards
Critical Mass
Critics Schmitics
Destroying a Memory
A Disturbing Trend

Anthrax, Shmanthrax!
Media-driven hype ?

This Just In 
The news is no longer new.
The Decline of TV Guide
They want how much per issue?
T.V. Cyberia
TV Websites are a virtual wasteland.
Crime and Punishment
"Cops-and-robbers" shows are back. Should they be?
If I were king of TV.
A television wish list.
The 2004 Olympic Games
No Perfect Scores Here
English as She is Spoke
English subtitles for people speaking English
Where Were You When the Lights Went Out?
I need a priority check.
Stop The Presses
Repetitive exploitive WTC footage must stop.
What's New Copycat? - WHOAAAA!!
Over cloning of television shows leads to in-bred defectives
I'm OK, You're OK
Political correctness is out of control.
Reality...What a Concept!
The phenomenon of reality TV.
What's the Final Answer?
The intriguing success of Who Wants to be a Millionaire?
The Incredibly  Shrinking Credits 
The deplorable practice of meddling with credits.
NBC's Olympic Non-Coverage
The 2000 Olympic Summer Games: NBC should be ashamed.
The decline of television theme music.
Bugged by Bugs
Why station and network identification bugs should be exterminated.
TV Unclothed
Naked skin is not pornography!
So-called "swear words" are no longer taboo.
75 Channels and Nothing On
The decline of cable television.
The Emaciation Trend 
The skinny on the skinny.
A Word from our Sponsors
A sampling of ads that go thud
Click This
Should television be directing people to the Internet?
You Talk Too Much
TV talk shows aren't what they used to be.
TV or Not TV?
Those that don't watch must tell.
If It Bleeds, It Leads
Is TV too violent? Only on the news.
It's Not My Fault
How television is fueling the "nothing is my fault" attitude.
Who Wants to Trash a Millionaire?
Who Wants to Marry a Multimillionaire?: TV sinks to new depths.
Sweep it Away!
Making the case for a sweeps-free season.
It's Saturday Morning. Do You Know Where Your Kids Are?
What happened to Saturday morning cartoons?
Top 20 TV Promo Turnoffs 
A primer on how not to attract a crowd.
Why Network TV Bites
At least it's free.
Vote for Me, I'm on TV
Television news' embarrassing election coverage.
Only $19.95! But Wait! There's More!....
Network television's incessant hawking of merchandise.
What Hast Thou Become? 

The rise and fall of Oprah Winfrey.
Viewer Discretion advised
Who should be issuing content warnings?
Don't Try This At Home
Pulling the rug out from under home improvement shows.
Network TV's Desperate Days
All the hype in the world can't save bad television.
Tempted? Don't Be!
Temptation Island? Bah! More like Tempted to Bash the Television.
Network greed at its finest.
Big Brother? Oh, Brother!
Big Brother - the worst of reality television.
Critical Mass
Does what critics say make a difference?
People That I Wouldn't Care if I Never Saw on TV Again
The most odious people on television.
If A Writer Strikes and No One Cares, Does it Make a Sound?
Viewer apathy strikes the writers' strike.
Now is the Season of Our Discontent
Why the television season starts in the Fall.

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